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Your business’s commercial real estate can be crucial to its successful operation. Whether you’re looking to expand your business’s footing, sell off property, rent out a portion of your business or lease your business space, executing these transactions effectively is crucial for the long-term health of your organization.

When engaging in these transactions, you must work with a legal team that’s experienced, detail-oriented and committed to the goals you’re trying to pursue. At Law Office of Bryan E. Cameron, we bring 25 years of experience facilitating commercial real estate transactions for our clients and protecting their rights and interests if they face challenges.

You Can Count On Us

A few of the things we can help you with include:

  • Buying commercial property: We can help you thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the sales agreement, check for maintenance or other building concerns, examine for any liens on the property and ensure you understand the state and local zoning regulations.
  • Selling commercial property: We can ensure you’ve correctly listed your property, verify that the buyer can afford to pay, gather and organize zoning and title documents, facilitate the transfer of property taxes and more.
  • Leasing commercial property: We can verify tenants looking to rent out business space, ensure their business practices align with building usage rules and comply with state and municipal zoning codes.
  • Commercial landlord/tenant disputes: We can address the tenant’s failure to pay rent or inappropriate use of lease space. We can also support businesses leasing spaces with problems with their commercial landlord. If disputes escalate, we can facilitate or intervene in the tenant’s commercial eviction process.
  • Subleasing a commercial property: We can help advocate for businesses wishing to sublease a section of their business space and ensure their actions comply with the terms and conditions of their lease agreement.
  • Zoning and regulatory compliance: We can help you keep up to date with changing rules and regulations on the state, federal and municipal levels to ensure your building remains up to code and compliant with the law.
  • Environmental compliance: We can help you ensure your building stays up to code with New York state environmental rules and regulations and identify potential hazards before they cause problems.

If you own or occupy a commercial business space in Suffolk County, we can be your go-to lawyers when you need assistance or have questions or concerns about your commercial real estate transactions. Contact us to learn more.

Navigate Your New York Commercial Real Estate Transactions With Confidence

Buying, selling, leasing or subleasing a property can be cumbersome and sometimes daunting. However, with support and guidance from our seasoned New York commercial real estate attorneys, you can rest easy knowing that we’re thoroughly reviewing your documents, filing them on time and doing everything necessary to facilitate a smooth and successful transaction.

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