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Attorney Bryan E. Cameron

Suffolk County Theft Attorney

If you have been charged with a theft crime, from larceny or burglary to shoplifting, the consequences can be devastating. In addition to fines and jail time, you can lose your job or the opportunity to work in certain occupations. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer working to protect your interests. At Law Office of Bryan E. Cameron, in Sayville, New York, we can help.

At our office, we defend individuals throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County who have been charged with theft crimes. Before establishing our criminal defense practice, attorney Bryan Cameron served as a prosecutor for four years, where he personally handled felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. In our private practice, we have defended the rights of thousands of clients. For a free initial consultation,
contact our office or call us at 631-319-3487 (toll-free at 888-816-9087).

Our Defense Of Theft Crimes

We aggressively defend men and women charged with all types of theft crimes, including:

  • Larceny. We defend people charged with petit or grand larceny, from high-value crimes to a minor offense involving theft from a store.
  • Burglary. We handle charges involving entering the home or building of another to commit a crime.
  • Robbery. Our lawyers defend people who have been charged with stealing or taking the property of another through violence or the threat of violence or the use of a weapon.
  • Shoplifting (“Petit larceny”). We defend customers who have been charged with stealing merchandise from a business or commercial operation.

The theft crimes that go to trial are often high-level crimes, with significant fines and jail time as the potential penalties. These cases involve extensive requests to produce documents, interview witnesses, obtain statements, or gather other evidence. We often employ private investigators to help us put together the strongest case for your defense.

In regards to shoplifting cases, most of these matters can be negotiated so that after a period of time the criminal matter will be dismissed. Our office will also advise you in the best way to protect your interests in regards to the civil matters that accompany such criminal charges.

We also handle cases involving employee theft. To learn more, see our page on white collar crime.

In all matters, our primary goal will be to limit your interaction with law enforcement officers. If you have not made a statement to the police, contact us before you do.

Contact Law Office of Bryan E. Cameron

To schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation, contact us or call us at 631-319-3487 (toll-free at 888-816-9087). Our office is open Monday through Friday during traditional business hours, and evenings and weekends by request. We are available to take your phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

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