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Traffic Violations Are Not Always Minor

For many drivers, the phrase “traffic violation” conjures images of a broken taillight or a speeding ticket. These errors might seem almost insignificant to the average New York driver. However, a traffic violation could lead to penalties that are far more serious than a minor fine.

At Law Office of Bryan E. Cameron, we have extensive experience defending drivers throughout Long Island and the five boroughs. Our lead attorney can work directly with you to protect your rights and driving privileges.

Traffic Violations Can Have Serious Consequences

A violation can add points to your driving record and risk the suspension of your driving privileges. You can face substantial fines and increased insurance premiums. Therefore, your defense is worthwhile.

When you hire us, we will represent your individual interests in court. We will also advocate for you in safety hearings if the Department of Motor Vehicles attempts to suspend or revoke your license.

Let Us Pave The Path Forward

We defend clients charged with any of the motor vehicle infractions that the counties process, including:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to obey traffic signs, lights or laws
  • High occupancy vehicle (HOV) violations

We also represent people in more serious traffic violations cases that involve district court, such as:

In addition, our attorney represents individuals and companies who face charges of violating transportation laws or environmental laws. These cases often concern illegal dumping, overweight vehicles, equipment infractions and illegal transportation of hazardous materials.

Each county approaches traffic violations in a distinct way. We have ample experience with the local laws of Nassau County and Suffolk County. No matter where the traffic stop or ticket issuance took place, we will know how to proceed.

Defend Your Rights And Privileges

Based in Sayville, we can help you. For a free initial consultation, email us or call 631-319-3487, or call toll-free at 888-816-9087. Se habla español.