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DUI statistics: Men versus women

Many adults like to go out and drink. They might drink at a club, have a few drinks with dinner or go to a barbecue and drink with friends. In the majority of scenarios, drinking isn't a big deal. It lightens the mood and people enjoy themselves.

The problem with drinking alcohol occurs when a person attempts to drive home while intoxicated, which puts them and others at risk of injury or death. Both men and women have the potential to be caught driving while intoxicated, but there are some significant differences between the two genders.

Professional claims shoplifting is an addiction

Over the years, the courts have started to offer different options to those struggling with addiction. People can often use drug courts, for instance, to seek treatment rather than jail time. The idea is simple: If someone uses drugs because they are addicted, they won't stop just because of the threat of fines or jail time; they need medical treatment. If you break the addiction, you stop the crime.

This is an important distinction, and equally important is understanding that it may apply to more than just drugs. For instance, some professional psychologists have noted that shoplifting has an addictive component.

In trouble with the law? Let your attorney do the talking

If you've gotten in trouble with the law in New York, then you know that you need to have a strong defense for court. Most people make mistakes at one point or another, but the wrong kind of mistake and the unfortunate situation in which you get caught can seriously affect your life.

One of the most common arrests is for a DWI. DWIs have a negative effect on you because they have an extended impact. It's not just a single visit to jail or the police station. You see an increase in the cost of your insurance. You could lose your job or licensing in your field of work. You could even lose your license.

Make sure you have the right defense against criminal charges

If you commit a crime or are accused of committing a crime, you may be arrested and be taken to the police station. At that point, you may have to answer questions about who you are and where you live. Some of those questions are reasonable, and you have no reason to worry. However, if the police want to interrogate you or interview you, it's time to call your attorney.

Defense attorneys have the job of protecting people who are in situations like yours. They're there to help you defend your rights as well as to help reduce the charges and penalties you may face.

Ways a criminal conviction can cost you

If you are facing drug charges in Sayville, you probably already know that you are facing some serious consequences. You might have to spend time in jail or prison depending on the severity of the charge. You could have to serve probation which often includes mandatory community service and regular meetings with a probation officer. The court might also restrict your travel and you could find yourself confined to the county.

In addition to the above, a drug conviction can carry a heavy financial cost. Here are a few ways a criminal conviction can cost you.

Mandatory arrests in domestic abuse cases hurt your future

When the police are called for an act of domestic violence, the situation can go from bad to worse. When they arrive, the officers will likely arrest at least one person. When the officers can't determine who's at fault, they may take both people into custody. This is known as a dual arrest.

The bigger issue is that the wrong person may be arrested. While the officers may arrest one person just to guarantee that the couple won't go back to fighting with one another, the problem is that it's not always simple to see whom they should arrest. There is some bias in favor of women, since they are more likely to suffer from domestic abuse, which could also play a role in a man's arrest.

Women: Alcohol will affect you differently

If you're female, your physiology is different from men. Your body handles the intake of alcohol differently than men's bodies do. For this reason, women may end up with higher concentrations of alcohol in their blood despite drinking the same amount of alcohol as men.

As a female, you need to understand why alcohol affects you differently, so that you can plan to drink less or make plans to stay out of your vehicle when intoxicated. Not doing so can lead to heavy intoxication, possible alcohol poisoning and drunk driving.

Arrested for heroin use? Alternative programs could be a good fit

According to statistics, it has been estimated that 13.5 million people around the world take opiates, and of those individuals, around 9.2 million use heroin. In 2016, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicated that 4,981,000 Americans admitted to trying heroin in their lifetimes. That included people under the age of 12.

Heroin is illegal in the United States because of its high risk of addiction, overdose and death. While other opiates are controlled and prescribed to patients who need them, heroin is not among them.

How does alcohol interact with your body?

One common thing that people believe is that they can drink the same amount of alcohol as their friends or family members and still be fine. The reality is that alcohol affects everyone differently. What makes one person a little tipsy might be enough to make another person drunk.

Alcohol affects people differently based on a few different factors. Some of the factors that might influence how alcohol affects you include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Drinking history
  • Food
  • Speed of intake
  • Fizziness
  • Genetics
  • Body type

3 common drugs can lead to serious penalties and health concerns

Street drugs are common across America. There are several that are the most likely to be stumbled upon, though. Many are Schedule I drugs, meaning that they have no medical purpose and are illegal within the confines of the United States or its territories.

Drugs can cause crippling addictions. They lead to withdrawal symptoms and can result in lasting consequences years after a person stops using. Some of the most common drugs are still the most deadly today.

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