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Yes, you should always fight drug possession charges

No matter what the substance or substances involved, it is crucial to fight against any drug possession charges, no matter how severe or minor the charges may seem. Drug charges regularly receive strong sentencing, which may far outpace the severity of any crime allegedly committed. In addition to legal consequences handed down by a judge, a conviction may affect many areas of a defendant's life, even well after paying his or her debt of fines or jail time.

If you do have drug charges currently, you should build a strong defense immediately. You may find it difficult to secure work after a conviction, or may not qualify to rent an apartment or home with a drug conviction. Such a conviction may also affect your ability to drive in some cases, further complicating how you provide a living for yourself or family. It is alway worth it to fight drug charges, even if you do not see immediately how to do so.

Do you know the risks of driving with a suspended license in NY?

Motor vehicles are practically a requirement for modern life. While some people in major cities may take public transportation and other choose to ride share or use taxi services, most people depend on their own vehicles to get them where they need to go. From heading into work to taking your kids to the doctor, you rely on your vehicle for just about every facet of life. However, the courts can suspend or revoke your license if you plead guilty or get convicted of certain criminal offenses.

When you lose your license due to a criminal infraction, such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), or an administrative issue, such as an inability to pay fines, your life doesn't stop demanding that you show up. That can leave you in a situation where you feel like you don't have a choice but to get behind the wheel without a valid license. Choosing to do that, however, could cause you much bigger legal issues in the future.

Fighting Breathalyzer results is possible

When an officer informs you that you failed a Breathalyzer test and issues charges, it can seem as though you have no strong options for building your defense. Breathalyzers enjoy high levels of confidence in the eyes of the public, and many people wrongly assume that the results these devices produce are accurate in all instances.

However, a Breathalyzer is not a static measuring device like a ruler or a measuring cup, and there are many ways in which it may produce results that do stand up to scrutiny. Even if you think that the results are probably accurate in your case, it is always worthwhile to explore the ways you might challenge them, potentially dismissing the charges altogether.

Heroin convictions may be avoided with treatment

The heroin epidemic that's sweeping from coast to coast in the United States bears very little resemblance to the heroin problem of the '60s and '70s. Then, the user demographics mainly skewed toward young, urban, African-American men and performers in the music industry.

But today's heroin addicts also live in the suburbs and small towns. They are often older and white, with nearly as many female addicts as male. Most first became addicted to prescription pain medication, often after an accident or other injury.

Felony convictions come with difficult penalties

The top priority for a person who is facing a felony conviction has to be getting a defense prepared. Many people think in terms of only the penalties that the court will impose upon conviction. What they don't necessarily realize is that there are other things to worry about that can come with a felony conviction.

Some people who have a felony charge pending don't realize the depth of the penalties that they will have to endure because of a conviction. Being labeled as a felon has some very serious effects that can carry over into different parts of your life.

Get a handle on domestic violence this holiday season

It's certainly true that for many, the ho-ho-holidays are less about comfort and joy and more about tension and off-the-charts stress. In fact, experts in the field of domestic violence have discovered that there is a significant uptick of instances of spousal abuse in the waning months of the year, which correspond with the holiday season.

What makes holidays so stressful?

Domestic violence laws in New York - The basics

In New York, a domestic violence charge is a serious offense. Furthermore, both the family court and the criminal court have jurisdiction when it comes to domestic violence, including assault, stalking, and other violent criminal acts that fall under the category. This means that an offender can face charges in both courts at the same time.

In general, domestic violence occurs among members of the same family or household. This includes individuals that are legally or formally married, people who have a child in common, or even a couple that is in an intimate relationship whether or not they are living under the same roof.

Sharing, gifting or selling prescription drugs is a crime

You may think that once a doctor writes you a prescription and you pay the pharmacist for your medication, that you own it. Typically, ownership means you can do what you want with possession. If you decide to give your dresser away for no compensation, that's a kind act. If you choose to sell your unworn, upscale shoes, that's a savvy way to recoup lost expenses.

If you give away or sell prescription medication, however, you are breaking the law.

The opioid epidemic: The facts to know

Opiates are addictive, and as such, they're often limited when given to patients for pain. Some kinds of opiates are completely illegal, like heroin, because of the significant possibility for abuse. Those facing a DUI may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so the increasing the availability of drugs could potentially increase the number of DUIs seen across the state.

While it's long been known that opiates are addictive, medical providers often overprescribed them. As a result, the United States now faces an opioid epidemic that each state is attempting to get control over. Heroin is found more regularly on the streets today than before, and overdoses are out of control.

Common defenses against drug possession

Drug possession charges are a very serious matter, regardless of what type of charges a person might receive. In general, drug charge sentences draw many of the strongest sentences a person can receive for a nonviolent crime.

You have some very important decisions to make If you or someone you love faces a drug possession charge. Whether it is for cocaine or prescription drugs or too much of a more natural substance that remains illegal in the State of New York, you could face a variety of sentences, not to mention the strain that a drug conviction places on your day-to-day life.

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