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Driving under the influence of ... prescription medication?

Americans rely on prescription medication for countless reasons from controlling a deadly heart condition to managing pain relief after a major surgery. The strength and side-effects of these medications have reached the point where they can alter perceptions or dull reflexes. Unfortunately, these side-effects can become dangerous for those who get behind the wheel of a car - and law enforcement is cracking down.

Get help if you're accused of possessing drugs

You never expected a cop to stop you while you were walking home. You also didn't expect that they'd be with their police dog. It might have just been a coincidence, but when they were speaking with you, the dog started to alert the officer to something in your jacket.

Now with a reason to inquire, the officer asks if you have something the dog might be interested in. You say no, but as it turns out, there is a small packet of drugs in your coat pocket. You're just as surprised as they are, because you don't use drugs. Your coat has been out of your possession though, which could be a great defense for your case.

Driving with a suspended license? You could face trouble

Suspensions can be definite or indefinite in New York. A definite suspension has a beginning and end date, so you know exactly when you can drive again. Indefinite suspensions are just that. The court will decide if and when you can regain your license after you take the appropriate actions.

If you are facing a license suspension or have a suspension that you'd like to have lifted, you may wish to speak with your attorney about doing so. Here's a little more about each of these types of suspensions.

Mandatory arrests come into play during domestic disputes

You and your spouse were sitting at home without any trouble, but then they started insinuating that you weren't paying enough attention to them. You began to argue, and they jumped out at you as if to hurt you. In response, you also lashed out, but you ended up striking them.

Your spouse instigated this disagreement and even made the first move to attack, but they were quick to call 911 and tell the police that you hit them. The reality is more complicated, but when the police arrived, they said that they were going to arrest you and take you to the station.

Prescription drug crimes can get you in trouble with the law

You have always needed specific medications to handle your chronic illness. You never worried about it, and you were able to get them when you needed them.

Over time, your illness improved. That meant that you weren't using your medications as often as you used to. Despite that, your provider was still ordering regular prescriptions, and you could fill them every month.

DUI statistics: Men versus women

Many adults like to go out and drink. They might drink at a club, have a few drinks with dinner or go to a barbecue and drink with friends. In the majority of scenarios, drinking isn't a big deal. It lightens the mood and people enjoy themselves.

The problem with drinking alcohol occurs when a person attempts to drive home while intoxicated, which puts them and others at risk of injury or death. Both men and women have the potential to be caught driving while intoxicated, but there are some significant differences between the two genders.

Professional claims shoplifting is an addiction

Over the years, the courts have started to offer different options to those struggling with addiction. People can often use drug courts, for instance, to seek treatment rather than jail time. The idea is simple: If someone uses drugs because they are addicted, they won't stop just because of the threat of fines or jail time; they need medical treatment. If you break the addiction, you stop the crime.

This is an important distinction, and equally important is understanding that it may apply to more than just drugs. For instance, some professional psychologists have noted that shoplifting has an addictive component.

In trouble with the law? Let your attorney do the talking

If you've gotten in trouble with the law in New York, then you know that you need to have a strong defense for court. Most people make mistakes at one point or another, but the wrong kind of mistake and the unfortunate situation in which you get caught can seriously affect your life.

One of the most common arrests is for a DWI. DWIs have a negative effect on you because they have an extended impact. It's not just a single visit to jail or the police station. You see an increase in the cost of your insurance. You could lose your job or licensing in your field of work. You could even lose your license.

Make sure you have the right defense against criminal charges

If you commit a crime or are accused of committing a crime, you may be arrested and be taken to the police station. At that point, you may have to answer questions about who you are and where you live. Some of those questions are reasonable, and you have no reason to worry. However, if the police want to interrogate you or interview you, it's time to call your attorney.

Defense attorneys have the job of protecting people who are in situations like yours. They're there to help you defend your rights as well as to help reduce the charges and penalties you may face.

Ways a criminal conviction can cost you

If you are facing drug charges in Sayville, you probably already know that you are facing some serious consequences. You might have to spend time in jail or prison depending on the severity of the charge. You could have to serve probation which often includes mandatory community service and regular meetings with a probation officer. The court might also restrict your travel and you could find yourself confined to the county.

In addition to the above, a drug conviction can carry a heavy financial cost. Here are a few ways a criminal conviction can cost you.

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