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How a traffic citation differs from a ticket

A traffic citation in New York is issued to a driver by a police officer for violating rules regarding the operation of a motor vehicle. There is no discernible difference between a citation and a ticket. A traffic citation stands as the written document that a person...

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How wills and trusts differ from each other

People in New York who are creating an estate plan may wonder whether their main document should be a will or a trust. Although both are used to pass assets to beneficiaries, the two are otherwise quite different. There are three different types of trusts. Revocable...

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How business owners can protect their assets

Those who own businesses in New York or elsewhere will need to account for both company and personal assets when creating their estate plans. This may be done by creating either a will or a trust. A will can include instructions as to who receives money or other...

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How to modify a home loan

Homeowners in New York and throughout the country may have multiple options when it comes to refinancing or modifying the terms of their mortgages. For instance, a lender may agree to reduce the interest rate on the loan or extend the repayment term in an effort to...

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