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Experienced Representation In The Defense Of White Collar Crimes

If you have been charged with fraud, whether in relation to benefits you have received from the state or federal government, or because of your position within a private company, you need an experienced advocate on your side. In addition to the potential damage to your reputation, you may face fines, penalties and even incarceration. You want a lawyer who understands how white collar crimes are investigated and prosecuted and who has successfully helped others charged with similar offenses.

At Law Office of Bryan E. Cameron, we bring over 25 years of criminal law experience to individuals in Suffolk County and Nassau County on Long Island who have been charged with a white collar crime. Attorney Cameron spent four years as a prosecutor, where he personally handled felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. In our private practice, we have defended thousands of people in criminal proceedings. Contact our office or call us at 631-319-3487 (toll-free at 888-816-9087) to set up a free initial consultation.

Our Defense Of Fraud Charges

We handle the defense of all types of charges involving allegations of fraud or criminal impersonation, including:

  • Welfare fraud. We represent men and women who have been charged with making misrepresentations in order to obtain Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. This includes false statements about employment, illness or injury, and number of dependents.
  • Unemployment fraud. We protect the rights of men and women charged with failing to disclose or lying about obtaining a new job, while continuing to collect unemployment compensation.
  • Corporate fraud. We represent individuals and businesses charged with fraud, including embezzlement and improper accounting practices. We represent a number of trucking concerns, handling violations of environmental or other regulatory requirements.

With extensive trial experience, both in prosecution and defense, we are always willing and able to protect your rights in court. In white collar crime prosecutions, however, which can be complex and time-consuming, we often try to negotiate a repayment plan in exchange for a reduction of the criminal charges.

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For a free initial consultation, contact our office or call us at 631-319-3487 (toll-free at 888-816-9087). We meet with clients weekdays during regular business hours, and evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. We can be reached by cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

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