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NYC has a new program for dangerous drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Criminal defense

The greater New York City metropolitan area continually experiences traffic collisions and pedestrian accidents. The sheer volume of people living in the region, combined with thousands of private and commercial vehicles on the road, means things will go wrong at times. Safe drivers often reduce the chances of disaster. Not every driver is safe, and even careful drivers make mistakes now and then. Authorities are stepping up to do their part to curb accidents throughout the city.

A plan to reduce accidents emerges

A law establishes the “Dangerous Vehicle Abatement Program.” Enacted in February 2021, the program targets repeat offenders who commit dangerous moving violations continually. The program focuses on anyone who went through five red lights or was speeding in a school zone 15 times. The statutory duration for committing the offenses is backdated to October 2020.

Someone who went through five red lights in only 14 months puts numerous lives at risk. This is true about speeding anywhere, and speeding in a school zone could be even more dangerous considering the presence of young children.

Authorities sent notifications out to drivers who must complete the mandatory program. In addition to the program, the drivers face other legal consequences for traffic violations, including fines and other actions for their citations.

Legal consequences of traffic violations

The new program came about after a public outcry over avoidable deaths caused by dangerous and reckless drivers. Time may reveal how successful the program is.

Depending on the case, drivers who find themselves in trouble over traffic violations may lose their driving privileges. A person who loses his or her license may suffer the ripple effect of a job loss and other problems. Some could face criminal charges, as would be likely when leaving the scene of an accident.