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The New York Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2021 | blog, Criminal defense

New York is a large state with a lot of things to see and do. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for some of its residents to explore it due to having a suspended driver’s license. Fortunately, recent legislation is now giving many New York residents hope that they’ll soon get to drive legally.

What is the New York Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act?

On June 29, the state of New York began making life easier for hundreds of thousands of drivers. On this date, New York’s Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act went into effect.

The main goal of this legislation was to reinstate the driver’s licenses of many New York residents. Unfortunately, from 2016 to mid-2018, New York suspended the licenses of almost 1.7 million drivers due to non-payment of fines for minor traffic violations or for missing their court appearances.

What changes will this legislation bring for New York’s drivers?

This new legislation puts an end to any license suspensions related to drivers not paying traffic fines. It also makes new, flexible payment arrangements available to New York residents. Also, any drivers with currently suspended driver’s licenses due to not paying traffic fines can get these items reinstated.

Another change brought about by this legislation will help those who received suspended licenses for missing their court dates. Now, these people can reinstate their driver’s licenses by starting payment plans without the burden of license reinstatement fees.

In closing, New York recently passed its Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act. This legislation undoes many of the harsh penalties New York’s drivers suffered for not paying fines for traffic violations or missing court appearances.