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DUI statistics: Men versus women

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2019 | Firm News

Many adults like to go out and drink. They might drink at a club, have a few drinks with dinner or go to a barbecue and drink with friends. In the majority of scenarios, drinking isn’t a big deal. It lightens the mood and people enjoy themselves.

The problem with drinking alcohol occurs when a person attempts to drive home while intoxicated, which puts them and others at risk of injury or death. Both men and women have the potential to be caught driving while intoxicated, but there are some significant differences between the two genders.

Who is at a higher risk of driving while intoxicated, men or women?

Interestingly, the statistics show that men and women are becoming more equal when it comes to DUIs and drunk driving, though men still are at a higher risk. In the 1980s, it was much more common for men to make up DUI arrests, with around 90% of arrests being men. In 2011, statistics showed that women were now being arrested in around one in four DUI stops.

Are women affected differently by alcohol?

Yes, while both men and women can become intoxicated, women are often affected by alcohol more quickly. In general, women are smaller than men, and they usually have less muscle and more fatty tissues. As a result, they’re likely to absorb alcohol faster, which means they’ll be affected by it sooner. Women are also likely to be affected more significantly by the same amount of alcohol as men due to differences in hormones, hydration levels, body fat and enzymes in the body.

Do men or women get more DUIs?

Men get more DUIs than women, and they have been deemed responsible for a larger number of car crashes than women. Keep in mind, however, that men also tend to drive more than women. A study indicated that while there are over a million more female drivers with licenses, men still drive around 40% more miles each year.

It’s interesting to see the different information regarding DUIs by gender, but you should know that your gender itself won’t play a role in a DUI case if you’re arrested. Drinking and driving is a serious crime, and there are harsh penalties that go along with a conviction. Your attorney will focus on helping you fight the charges and work toward reducing the penalties, so that you can focus on your life and getting back to normalcy.