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3 common drugs can lead to serious penalties and health concerns

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Firm News

Street drugs are common across America. There are several that are the most likely to be stumbled upon, though. Many are Schedule I drugs, meaning that they have no medical purpose and are illegal within the confines of the United States or its territories.

Drugs can cause crippling addictions. They lead to withdrawal symptoms and can result in lasting consequences years after a person stops using. Some of the most common drugs are still the most deadly today.

1. Cocaine

One of the most recognizable drugs is cocaine. It is a drug that comes from the coca bush in Peru and Bolivia. It causes a rush of euphoria, heightened awareness and energy. However, the downsides are significant. Many people end up with insomnia, tremors and paranoia. Overdoses can lead to death by seizure, cardiac arrest or stroke.

Crack cocaine, a rock-like version of the drug, has similar euphoric effects. The effects are intensified, and irregular heartbeats are common. These can lead to a heart attack.

2. Crystal methamphetamine

Crystal meth is another common street drug. The effects of the drug last up to 14 hours, but prolonged use leads to damage to the organs (kidneys, liver and lungs particularly). It has a high risk of overdose.

3. Heroin

One of the drugs in the opioid crisis is heroin. This drug is an opioid, and it is highly addictive. It may lead to shallow breathing, abscesses, infections, seizures, coma and death. At first, the drug may cause blissful feelings, but over time, people may actually be in pain as a result of the chemical changes in the brain caused by the drug. Rapid mood swings and depression can be side effects of heroin use, especially when it is prolonged.

There are many drugs that are on the streets and available on the black market. Dealing or possessing these drugs is illegal, yet people still obtain them regularly. If you’re someone who has dealt or obtained illegal substances, you should know that you could face serious penalties in court if you are arrested.

It’s a good idea to work with someone who can help you devise a solid defense against any charges that are filed against you. A good defense makes a world of difference, since you will have a better chance of having a fair plea deal or trial. You may also have the opportunity to go through an alternative sentencing program, like a drug court.