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Sharing, gifting or selling prescription drugs is a crime

You may think that once a doctor writes you a prescription and you pay the pharmacist for your medication, that you own it. Typically, ownership means you can do what you want with possession. If you decide to give your dresser away for no compensation, that's a kind act. If you choose to sell your unworn, upscale shoes, that's a savvy way to recoup lost expenses.

Marijuana possession charges in New York: What should you know?

Given that the state of New York has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of dried marijuana, many people in the state feel like possession is no longer a crime. However, depending on the amount and kind of marijuana, you could be facing serious charges, even felony charges.

Heroin possession and criminal charges: What you need to know

Heroin addiction and opiate addiction are reaching epidemic levels in the United States. As prescription drug companies reformulated their most-prescribed and most abused medications to make them less appealing to potential abusers, they effectively forced those individuals to go onto the black market. Heroin and opiates produce physical addiction and dependence, meaning that simply stopping their consumption can result in severe physical symptoms, called withdrawal, which can be fatal in extreme cases.

What you should know about prescription drug charges

Prescription drugs are used by many in order to control pain, heal infections, and achieve proper balance of brain chemicals. In most cases people use these drugs only as they are prescribed, but as many as 20% of Americans use prescription drugs when they aren't prescribed, and for reasons other that what is intended.

Charged with a crime in New York? Two times you need a lawyer.

Getting charged with a crime is a frightening thing. Those facing these charges are likely wondering just how severe the penalties could be. Is there enough evidence to lead to a conviction? If so, will the conviction come with a large fee? Will the conviction lead to a sentence that results in jail time? Will the charge impact employment? Should I get a lawyer?

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