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Attorney Bryan E. Cameron

Month: August 2021

Why use a quitclaim deed?

New York residents should understand that there are different types of deeds when they're making a real estate transaction. Examples include general warranty, special warranty and quitclaim. Quitclaim deeds are generally only used in a few circumstances, such as sales...

When is insider trading considered illegal?

If you live in New York and work for a corporation in an executive position, you may be considered an insider. An individual in this position often has information the public lacks about the company or stock ownership that amounts to over 10% of the company’s equity....

Community service: When can the state offer it?

Residents of Sayville and nearby areas of New York may want to learn more about community service as an alternative to jail time. Its design is to promote a lifestyle that is free of crime and constructive for offenders. It also provides a means of safe and effective...