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Attorney Bryan E. Cameron

Month: July 2021

The New York Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act

New York is a large state with a lot of things to see and do. Unfortunately, it's not easy for some of its residents to explore it due to having a suspended driver's license. Fortunately, recent legislation is now giving many New York residents hope that they'll soon...

Do the police lie to juvenile suspects?

A police interrogation often takes place to get someone to self-incriminate. Some defendants find themselves tied up in the New York criminal justice system because the police lied during the interrogation process. Regrettably, seeking the truth may not be the guiding...

What is deed fraud and how does it happen?

You've lived in your New York home for years, so it would be hard for a criminal to steal your deed, right? Not so fast. Identity thieves and unscrupulous real estate developers have devised many different scams to obtain properties and sell them for high profits...