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If you have been charged with a motor vehicle violation, you want an experienced attorney to protect your rights. The consequences of a conviction can be significant. You can add points to your driving record and risk the suspension of your driving privileges. You can face substantial fines and increased insurance premiums.

At the Law Office of Bryan E. Cameron, in Sayville, New York, we have extensive experience defending people throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County who have been charged with traffic violations. Before establishing his practice, attorney Cameron spent four years as a prosecutor, where he personally handled felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. We have a comprehensive understanding how the state investigates and prosecutes traffic violations. To set up a free initial consultation, contact our office or call us at 631-319-3487 (toll-free at 888-816-9087).

Our Traffic Violations Practice

If you have been cited for violating traffic or motor vehicle laws in Nassau County, you may be required to go to the county's traffic and parking violation agency located on Cooper Street in Hempstead. In Nassau County, you can often avoid a trial, except in cases involving tickets for high rates of speed. In Suffolk County, and the five boroughs of NYC, traffic matters are heard by the Traffic Violation Bureau (TVB). There are no negotiations allowed at TVB and every ticket requires a hearing.

We defend clients charged with all motor vehicle infractions that are handled by Cooper Street or the TVB, including:

  • Speeding (VTL §1180)
  • Failure to obey traffic signs (VTL §1172), lights or laws (VTL §§1110, 1111)
  • High occupancy vehicle (HOV) violations

We also represent people in more serious traffic violations cases that are heard in the district court, such as:

When you hire us to handle a traffic violation, we will use our experience to protect your interests. Our representation goes further to include safety hearings if the Department of Motor Vehicles attempts to suspended or revoke your license.

We also represent individuals and companies charged with violating the transportation law or environmental laws, including illegal dumping, overweight vehicles, equipment infractions and illegal transportation of hazardous materials.

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